Terms and Conditions
The management reserve the right to refuse entry or cancel the membership if the following terms and conditions are not adhered to:

(a) All easy monthly payments are organised and collected by Ashbourne Management on a 0% APR basis. This agreement is between the Club member and Leisure Finance Plc.
All correspondence relating to monthly payments should be directed to Ashbourne Management.
(b) All memberships are non-refundable but are transferable at the Club’s discretion.

(a) Only soft soled shoes or training shoes are to be worn while training.
(b) Swimsuits or towels must be worn in the sauna.
(c) Appropriate clothing to be worn while training, e.g. tracksuit, shorts, T-shirts etc (no jeans).
(d) Please be aware of your own personal hygiene as a consideration to other gym users.

Gym use:
(a) Valuables are left at your own risk - please use lockers when available. If not, small items such as keys and wallets may be left at reception although NO LIMITS does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Bags should not be taken into the gym area.
(b) Please leave the toilets and changing rooms as you would wish to find them.
(c) Please inform a member of staff if there is a problem with any piece of equipment.
(d) If necessary, wipe down machines after use with the towels available at reception.
(e) Please replace all weights after use. For safety reasons, do not leave weights lying around on the floor.
(f) At busy times, please limit the use of CV equipment to 10 minutes.
(g) Please ensure you vacate the premises by the appropriate closing time.
(h) Persons using or operating equipment should refer to staff for advice and assistance unless they have experience of or are familiar with the equipment.

Missed Appointments:
(a) All members who book a personal training session are asked to give as much notice as possible if they are unable to make an the appointment.
Anyone who fails to turn up for booked appointments on 2 occasions without letting us know in advance will be asked not to book in future.